Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Soundcloud Diggin Episode 49 (January 15, 2017)

RaneRaps & Slackin Beats prove to be an absolutely deadly duo on this new single ‘Breaking Down.’ The Soulection-esque production on here is the perfect backdrop of Rane’s rock/rap hybrid delivery. There is a definite tension on this cut that seems to be eased throughout the track. An A for effort and execution on this cut. – malbin

KooZii is a 20 year old based out of Jacksonville, Florida with a really nice track in his catalog with ‘Mon-Sun.’ The track is a great effort utilizing today’s popular sounds, led by a really great hook. This sound in general is a bit generic all around but the glittery production gets an absolutely infectious delivery over it to help separate it from hundreds of other artists using this sound. – malbin

After doing some diggings, I could not find a single thing about this artist L3vls on the internet. His Soundcloud page features only one song, which is ‘broke.’ The track has an ambient instrumental with some hard-hitting drums matched with muddy yet melodic delivery. Fans of Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and artist up that realm will definitely be interested in this. You can hear some influence but there’s a distinct edge to the delivery on ‘Broke.’

Okay, this track is a HEATER. Rajan dropped a track with production from Eestbound (Travis Scott‘s ‘Antidote’) and Cardiak titled ‘Cocaine Fantasy’ featuring an impressive mix of dance, pop, & hip-hop elements to it. Usually when artists try to combine multiple genres the track ends up being a mess. ‘Cocaine Fantasy’ is not one of those tracks. This production is close to perfection while the delivery is a supreme showing. – malbin

El Salvador native AR Ferdinand made an appearance at the beginning of our Soundcloud Diggin series and we have another track titled ‘Lately’ featuring a beautiful vocalist named Daphne. The production from AR features a smooth jazz feel to it with hip-hop flavored drums. The sweet-like-honey vocals from Daphne are easily the star of this track. Overall, we could definitely use another track or six from this duo. – malbin

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