MarcLo – SWNGN

The name MarcLo might sound new but you’ve heard his work whether you realize or not. He’s a member of the five man production/songwriting team The Monsters and the Strangerz who’ve helped write songs like Fifth Harmony’s “Work” and GOOD Music’s “Clique”. And that’s exactly why this song sounds so damn clean. This one came up on my Soundcloud feed earlier today while I was in the car and while my Nissan Sentra speakers aren’t impressing anybody, they’ve got a decent thump to em and this song did the speakers justice. The beat’s infectious and it pulses through your body like an orgasm. Actually, scratch that, just listen to the damn song and get ready to hear the LA, singer/emcee/writer/producer’s debut solo EP in the near future.

props to P&P

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