Monday, December 6, 2021

Soundcloud Diggin Episode 50 (January 22, 2017)

Modlee released an EP with Soulection a couple years back which is where I initially discovered her. She is back with her single ‘Queendom’ which dropped earlier this week and marks her formal intro to Fashionably-Early. The Canadian has a really interesting fusion of hip-hop, funk, and R&B on this cut. The vocals feel like they are peaking right behind the production but they are still prominent enough to make this stand out. This certainly is not conventional, so be know that before you go into this cut. – malbin

We’re headed to LA for a debut single from wit. The singer has a haunting electro-pop track as her debut single ‘BROkEN CLOCK.’ The song is about a broken heart and features a really dark vibe to it, as you could expect. The vocal performance on here is pure gold and is what really shows the potential for the singer. The production is good but nothing ground-breaking. The writing is solid but there’s just something about this delivery. – malbin

brahny has a measly 19 Soundcloud followers are of publish time but if he continues to release tracks like ‘Auburn,’ those numbers are going to rise FAST. This track is absolutely gold front to back. The track features a chilling R&B falsetto along with a folky type delivery along the verses. Add in some guitar and bass and you have one hell of a track here. This is just straight up one of those tracks where you like it, repost it, and follow the artist off the rip. That’s surely what we did, along with this writeup. – malbin

Our sole urban dig of the week goes to Yung Juko. Straight out of Louisiana, Juko’s latest cut ‘How That Go’ follows a pretty generic Southern script as the template for this cut. The only difference is that he really SKATES over this production and lays down an infectious hook that is destined to get absolutely implanted into your head. That’s the beauty of music like this – anybody could make a song like this but not everybody can give a performance like this. That’s how you separate yourself from the pack. You’re about to saying the hook on here for about a week or two just off one listen. You know how that go… – malbin

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