The Womack Sisters – Darling (Video)

the womack sisters darling

They say talent runs in the family and that is surely the case with the Womack family. We saw that YEARS back with the Womack family producing a handful of talented musicians. For today’s generation, the Womack family is back with The Womack Sisters, the daughters of Cecil & Linda Womack who made up the duo Womack & Womack and the granddaughters of Sam Cooke. The trio brings us back to the Motown era with their debut single ‘Darling’ – a soulful trip back to the middle of the twentieth century. While they are in a different lane than Leon Bridges, if he can make nostalgic music and absolutely explode within the industry, I don’t see why this trio can’t.

Watch the nostalgic music video for ‘Darling’ below.