Rexx Life Raj – Waiting For You f. Russ

Rexx Life Raj was hinting at this new song yesterday on an Instagram post of he and Russ with the telling caption “more new music sooner than you think ? “. And he held true to his word because I still didn’t think this song was coming just a day later.

This isn’t the first time Rexx Life Raj and Russ have collaborated. They already dropped “Take It All In” and I’m assuming they knocked this one out in the same studio session. So if you still don’t know, Raj is most certainly a name to keep an eye on as he’s doing big things such as this as well as meeting the living god Pharrell. So yes, get to know Rexx Life Raj

sometimes life gets very brazy to the point you have to step back and take a deep breath but when you step back you accidentally step on a very rare level 1000 @pharrell which is awkward because he's somewhere between a god and a guru and you would never want to do any type of harm to such a savant so now you don't know wether to apologize or bow before greatest but it's funny because he would never want you to do such a thing because at the end of the day he's a real one and he appreciates the fact that the majority of your rap skills came from your homie playing the Grindin beat on the desk and you rapping about all the guns and drugs you never possessed in Ms. Arthur's english class at Willard which got you a few detentions due to "foul language" but motherfuck that because now it's all starting to make sense kinda like everything eventually does when you put your heart and mind to it… wtf is life right now | #RexxLife #captiongod

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