Soundcloud Diggin Episode 57 (April 2, 2017)

kwey Ghanian-American producer based out of Minneapolis and he has a really nice cut on his hands with the vlush assisted ‘Focus.’ The track features an extremely lush soundscape that the featured vocalist really floats over. vlush pours out his emotions on this cut and depending on your current state, his vocal performance could definitely smack you right in the feels. Fans of the patented Soulection sound will surely love this cut, as the production is lush and soulful. Both artists on here deserve a trophy for their performance on here. – malbin

Man. This track had my full attention within the first 15 seconds. That’s always a good sign. Au Dré is a Melbourne-based electro duo led by the female vocalist Audrey who have undertones of the 80s mixed with modern R&B elements. Their new track ‘Lines’ has all of that mixed into an upbeat bop that should be an instant add to your summer playlists. ISSA BOP! – malbin

We only got one hip-hop dig for you this week and it comes from van Jamme. His new cut ‘WHEREDEYDODAT’ features a mind-numbing beat matched with a distinct (& catchy!) delivery. This is the type of track that just gets stuck on your mind. It’s been hard for me to get this delivery out of my head since I heard it. This isn’t all the way perfected but showcases a ton of potential. – malbin

Afrodile Trane has a velvet-like voice and that’s on full showcase on ‘In A Sentimental Groove.’ The track is her debut cut and man, if this doesn’t make you want more material, you got an issue. There’s a great mix of R&B and jazz elements with the instrumentation but they are definitely overshadowed by the spectacular vocal performance on this one. There are a lot of people with good voices in the world but it takes a lot to make a good song with it. – malbin

When you look at this artist’s name, you’ll probably think it’s JMSN. When you hear the music, you may think of Noname. JSMN is neither of those artists but she has a really nice cut on her hands with ‘rob a jewelry store.’ The STL native pays homage to Nelly‘s classic record ‘Grillz’ on here which is awesome. This song isn’t perfect and at times it seems almost too close to Noname to standout, but if this style of personalized a bit more, this could be extremely deadly. – malbin