Watch Episode 1 Of Traffic Jams Featuring T-Pain & Southside

Spotify is getting into the exclusives game heavy now as they just locked a deal with Universal today that will give them access to exclusively premiere albums from Universal and they’re getting going on exclusive video content now too. Each Tuesday they’ll be premiering a new episode from their exclusive series “Traffic Jams” which takes from the massively popular “Carpool Karaoke” concept and gets artist(s) into the back of a car. This is much much different however as in “Traffic Jams” a rapper and a producer who have never worked together before as brought together in the back of a car to make a song together while stuck in LA traffic.

Just off this first episode with T-Pain and Southside this series feels so organic and fun as these two kick is along with their driver DoBoy and have a good time making music. You’ll need a Spotify account however to watch so if you have one, click the link below to watch the first episode.


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