Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Soundcloud Diggin Episode 59 (April 16, 2017)

YO. When I first heard dwilly‘s ‘Birds and the Bees’ I was left like this. This track is ridiculously jumpy with a great combination of real instruments and vibrant electronic elements. The song features Kyle Thornton, who is a Soundcloud Diggin alum as well. This is a perfect summertime hip-hop record. Add this to every applicable playlist IMMEDIATELY. – malbin

There is literally no information on the internet (that I could find) on KNIGHT. The duo has only one song available on their Soundcloud and it’s ‘$.’ The track has a really interesting bounce to it and the vocal performance sounds raw in the best way possible. As the song progresses, the vocal performance and production get turned up a notch and really leaves it’s mark on you. This sounds like what I hope pop music sounds like in 2018. The melodies are ridiculous and the production has a lot going on that all comes full circle at the perfect time. I honestly need an entire project of songs like this for the summer. – malbin

Honest. Vulnerable. Emotional. Those three things immediately stick out to me on Bobby Uz√≥ma‘s ‘Alone.’ The song – which was written and self-produced by Bobby – has a long buildup that’s worth waiting out. The haunting vocals will leave an imprint on you after listening this and the production is minimal enough to let the lyrics really stick on you. Tracks like this showcase potential in Bobby to craft some really impactful records. – malbin

British R&B artist Rubee Rayne has two really big records on her Soundcloud page but to be honest, her latest cut ‘Lost In Time’ is easily my favorite of her releases thus far. The vocal performance is elongated and sounds similar to Starrah, who I can’t get enough of. Don’t get it twisted, Rubee has her own style that she seems to be developing and there’s no biting going on here. Others might want to rip her sound after they hear how good this is, ha! – malbin

We have another debut with Pontea. The LA based vocalist is releasing her debut EP this Spring and the project’s lead single is ‘Unpredictable.’ The track is a late-night, electro-tinged record with honest songwriting and a commendable vocal performance. All around, this is a solid cut worth checking out – malbin

The first time I heard Yakul‘s ‘Giveaway’ I kind of just passed over it but the universe really wanted me to listen to it again. It ended up in my ears and it really connected with me. The instrumentation features live band with a lot of soul and jazz to it. The gives me an early 2000s neo-soul vibe front to back and I’d definitely love a full-length with this sound. – malbin

I can guarantee you that you haven’t heard a song like this. Kidepo is a Brooklyn based artist that has spent major parts of his life in England, Philadelphia, & Uganda and you can hear it in the music. The vocal performance sounds like somebody who is longing to find something with no specific target in mind. The production is very bright with a great combination of electronic and acoustic sounds. Give this track a chance, you’ll be happy you did. – malbin

PockeTherapy is a jazz trio that has hints of hip-hop in their work. Led by a beautiful female vocalist, the trio have a great song on their hand with ‘The Way UR.’ This track is a really nice effort that has a timeless instrumentation performance featuring some well used trumpets and a silky smooth vocal performance. – malbin

Jessica Domingo is a voice you may be familiar with, as she has a number of covers on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of plays. Her solo material also shows a lot of promise of an artist starting to discover their sound. She has an ambient, down-tempo record titled ‘Echoes’ that really showcases her potential. Her music is in a similar vein of many of today’s female R&B artists such as Alina Baraz, Jhene Aiko, etc. This sound isn’t all the way there yet but there’s definitely something to watch here. – malbin


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