Russ Announces His Debut Album ‘There’s Really A Wolf’

russ there's really a wolf

Russ‘s path has been a bit unorthodox but he’s the best personification of phrase “eating the fruits of your labor”. Sure, Russ has been enjoying his success and traveling the world but the work hasn’t stopped, it’s culminated into his debut album There’s Really A Wolf, that’ dropping in just a couple of weeks on May 5th. The album’s 20 tracks and to answer most people’s premonitions, there’s only 4 previously released tracks on the album, “Do It Myself”, “What They Want”, “Losin’ Control” & “Pull The Trigger”. He’s mentioned before that he’s tried to save what he feels are his best tracks for his album so surely this is to be Russ‘s mangum opus. Let’s celebrate and pre-order the album NOW.


1. I’m Here
2. The Stakeout
3. Act Now
4. Cherry Hill
5. Me You
6. Ride Slow
7. Don’t Lie
8. Do It Myself
9. I Wanna Go Down With You
10. Family & Friends
11. What They Want
12. Got This
13. No Turning Back
14. Losin Control
15. Scared
16. Back To You
17. One More Shot
18. Emergency
19. Pull The Trigger
20. MVP