Soundcloud Diggin Episode 61 (April 30, 2017)

Immediately after hitting play on ‘Fall Together’ by producer Pomo and singer Harrison Brome, I fell in love with this joint. This is a chill, futuristic dance bop boosting a showing stealing beat and a soft vocal performance. This track is an instant add to my summer 2017 playlist and it should be for you as well. – malbin

RENÉ is a London based singer and my introduction to her is her latest drop ‘I.N.T.O.’ She has a very soulful performance on this track that features an extremely dark beat that features a lot of switch ups and some hard hitting drums. Off this track alone, I’m going to be tuned into the future releases from her. – malbin

We’re headed to Amsterdam for this cut by Juliet July. ‘World’s Unknown’ features psychedelic production with hard-hitting drums and Juliet’s angelic vocals just float over the track. The sincere songwriting on here just adds another element to this cut that should have you hooked. – malbin.