Lou The Human – Macklemore

There’s a buzzing new rapper and he’s a white kid from Staten Island. Lou The Human‘s the name and he got some attention with his debut single “Brink”. Now Lou’s sound isn’t what you’d expect. Comparably, he’s very akin to Earl Sweatshirt as he possesses a purposely lo-fi sound and he can clearly rap his ass off.

He just dropped this song “Macklemore” to Spotify but I’ve seen zero coverage of it thus far. The song samples the Company Flow (El-P‘s first group) classic “8 Steps To Perfection” and flips into a beat that’s even doper. What proceeds is a 4-minute barrage of purely raps, no hooks. Lou has an effortless flow as he makes the rap bonanza sound real easy. The kid’s a talent so definitely check for him now while we get you on the wave early.

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