Lou The Human – Macklemore (Music Video)

I’m a New Yorker but aside from the Wu-Tang and the couple of girls I used to mess with from Staten Island, the forgotten borough often goes forgotten in my mind too. Lou The Human is bright in potential but dark and dingy in sound. The 21-year-old emcee is purposely lo-fi, but not in the XXXTENTACION sense, he’s much more like Earl Sweatshirt than anybody else.

Dense, effortless raps perfectly sums up his sound as Lou floats over a flip of Company Flow‘s “8 Steps To Perfection” beat on “Macklemore”. That’s all complemented by TWO music videos, since Lou couldn’t make up his mind on which he liked better. Personally I like the first one better as Lou commits a bit of mischief around his neighborhood. Definitely watch both of the videos and enjoy!

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