Drayco McCoy – Gold Mouth

I’m really excited about this guy right here Drayco McCoy. He hails from Indianapolis – a locale that’s certainly never been a hotspot for rappers but Drayco is making some noise. He’s got a sound that I feel can appeal to most. I think those youngins that ride the XXXTENTACION wave can mess with the sound and those more on to the conscious fellows like J. Cole can also find enjoyment out of this. What I’m saying is that Drayco has a trap sound but it’s very accessible and appealing as he’s clear in his delivery and well at getting his point across.

The moral of the story is, check for this guy. It’s seemingly only beginning because there’s a huge audience out there that needs this in their life and they just don’t know it yet. Check out the new jam “Gold Mouth” below.


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