Soundcloud Diggin Episode 63 (May 21, 2017)

JMR is a Nashville-based artist that is making rhythmic-leaning music, something that the home of country music isn’t necessarily known for. His new song ‘Bound’ has hints of country in it’s vocals but it’s minimal production features upbeat percussions and a great hint of spacey synths. This track was also self-produced, which means we owe even more praise to JMR for an excellent release. – malbin

When a track has that groove, it’s hard to turn it off. That’s exactly what Two Another‘s ‘Over My Shoulder’ did to me after I heard it. The London based duo combines a heavy dosage of bass with soulful vocals for their distinct sound. After doing some more digging, this duo has a pretty hefty catalog with some big streaming numbers, so if you are somewhat late like me, make sure you hop into the discography as soon as possible. – malbin

Terrell Morris is based out of Toronto and he has an atmospheric track on his hands with ‘Pretty Life.’ His performance shimmers with melodic rapping that becomes more and more dominant throughout the track. By the ending of the track, the full production turns into an elegant head-turning phenomena. Thumbs up to all involved with this track. – malbin

Migos may be in the middle of their historic run right now but it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to get their flowers while they can still smell them. Production duo DA BEATFREAKZ, who have produced for Chris Brown, Jacquees, Jeremih, Usher, Sean Paul, & many others, teamed up with Sneakbo, Moelogo, Afro B & Sona for ‘Quavo.’ This African track is a great banger for this summer and it’s dedication to lord Quavo makes it 100x better. – malbin

AIDA is a Canadian based singer who has an funky, 80s pop feeling single titled ‘Let’s Ride.’ The over-the-top production works in her favor on this track matched with her confident, show-stealing vocal performance. The combination of 80s funk-pop, house, and soulful vocals really make this track standout and catch your ear right from the jump. – malbin

I have heard many tracks from London’s Rak-Su but their track ‘I’m Feeling You’ is the first one that really connected with me. Off the rip, the track really just sticks with you thanks to the bouncy production provided by The Kount. The performance from the entire group was really commendable on here, each adding a spice into the entire recipe. – malbin

We have an African-pop cut on our hands here with WurID‘s ‘Mother’s Prayer.’ This would have been perfectly suited for a post on Mother’s Day but we should be still be celebrating our mothers everyday of the year. African-tinged music is finally going worldwide and I am personally extremely excited to hear more music like this on a larger scale. – malbin

There are many layers on Sedric Perry‘s latest release ‘Wild.’ The production adds vocal layers, guitars, and bass as the progresses, although it never feels like it hits a climax. The track just keeps rising and rising until the end and leaves you wanting to loop back around to hit play again. – malbin

The production on Wiley From Atlanta‘s ‘Paper Planes’ instantly stuck with me on this joint. The performance on here is solid, nothing that blew me away but enough to showcase some potential to keep tuned in for in the future. This is the type of song that gets me excited, because I can hear this sound progressed upon. – malbin

I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I was the first (and only person to-date) to like Cook Thugless‘ ‘Lightweights’ on Soundcloud. The performance on here was a bit lazy and melodic but it’s an honest showing that really connected with me for some reason. The jazzy production was just iced the track off. Similar to the track posted above, the potential on this track by the vocalist is exciting. – malbin

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