BROCKHAMPTON – Saturation (Album Stream)

Kevin Abstract & his ‘American Boyband’ BROCKHAMPTON‘s new album Saturation is out now for download & streaming.

The group album sits at 17 tracks long and we were blessed with five pre-release music videos (and six pre-release singles). Every single song was nearly flawless and the hype around the collective is rising by the minute. BROCKHAMPTON also has their own show on VICELAND, which is definitely worth checking out.

Stream or download BROCKHAMPTON‘s new album Saturation. According to the group, a second album is due out later this year.


BROCKHAMPTON – Saturation (Tracklist)

1. Heat
2. Gold
3. Star
4. Boys
5. 2Pac
6. Skit 1
7. Fake
8. Bank
9. Skit 2
10. Trip
11. Swim
12. Bump
13. Cash
14. Skit 3
15. Milk
16. Face
17. Waste

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