Soundcloud Diggin Episode 64 (June 11, 2017)

For one reason or another, I got extreme Frank Ocean vibes from ‘overview 06/07’ by doomed. The choppy, illuminating production off the bat was impressive and the pitched, almost lazy vocals from Elijah were masterful. The song leaves a lot to be desired, clocking in under two minutes long, but the potential here is endless. – malbin

James Gardin‘s name looked familiar when I stumbled upon this track and after looking into the archives, Trixx heavily posted his material between 2013-2015. He hasn’t made an appearance since 2015 until now with his new single ‘Black Boy Blush.’ The production on this track is great and the subject matter on the track is extremely relatable. The melodies on here are great and James was really able to encapsulate a feeling into this track. Great effort all around. – malbin

A big trend I have noticed is that a lot of artists are trying to take the Toronto sound and make ripoffs of their finest artists. That’s not the case with Jutes, a Toronto based artists who recently released his new single ‘Vixen.’ While the song definitely fits into the Toronto sound of hard-hitting drums and airy synths, he has his own spin on the sound. Keep an eye on this guy, because you never know when an OVO cosign could come in. – malbin

Cassie Marin is a Miami based artist who has a fluffy new track for your summer with ‘Light.’ The songwriting is the star of the track, although the jazzy instrumentation and production are nothing to scoff at. This is definitely a track that is outside of the norm but still sounds great. – malbin

Nigerian-American artist Teeklef has a really nice track on his hands with ‘Apart.’ The track is a hybrid of dancehall and R&B, a combination that is taking the music industry by storm. The track isn’t going to open your third eye but it’s a nice cut to have on a summer playlist. – malbin