Omarion – The Reasons (Music Video)

Omarion seems to always have troubles with his new record label. Despite seemingly having full support from MMG, their partner Atlantic Records doesn’t give O the resources or promotion he deserves. His first album on the label – Sex Playlist – was a digital only release and was barely promoted until ‘Post To Be’ went viral. Now, O’s long-awaited album Reasons was not released today on it’s scheduled release date due to “the lack of demand for the album.” That’s a real shame, because Omarion has been releasing some catchy and commercial friendly singles that don’t appear to be getting much promotion at all. Anyways..

To make up for the lack of the album’s release, O shares a rendition of Earth, Wind, and Fire‘s ‘Reasons’ for the fans. This will hold us over for a bit but we’re going to need that Reasons album ASAP!

Watch the music video for ‘The Reasons’ below.

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