Soundcloud Diggin Episode 66 (June 25, 2017)

The duo RKCB has a handful of big singles under their belt but they are making their Fashionably-Early debut with their new release ‘Vice.’ The track is a funky, head knocking pop anthem with an irresistible vocal performance. If this is your introduction to the duo, you have quite a bit of catching up to do. Get on that! – malbin

EZKIEL is another artist to keep your eyes on coming out of Chicago. The R&B act released his new single ‘Used To’ this week and it’s a valiant effort front around. While the subject matter at points is a bit tiresome, the vocal performance matches the atmospheric and show-stealing production. Give this man a follow and keep a tab on him. – malbin

Vasser is one of my favorite discoveries of the past few months. His new single ‘Little Things’ offers a surreal oscillating production showing with a mixture of acoustic and electronic elements. The vocals are delivered softly and are matched with lyrics that feel like a conversion. 10/10 for this track. – malbin

Ambient R&B music with electronic production has become my sweet spot for music over the last few years and I have another track to add to the repertoire. Producer Foobar collaborated with instrumentalist/vocalist Tay Salem , a Red Bull Music Academy alumni, for a stunning track titled ‘August.’ Both artists contribute blissful production and Tay offers sparse vocals and the end product is top notch. – malbin

Joël Lobban is a Toronto-based artist who adds to the city’s alt-R&B movement with his new release ‘Stuck With Me.’ The track’s production is vibrant and booming while the spacious, soulful vocals and relatable songwriting give this track extra life. Hope on the bandwagon before it’s too late! – malbin

Decosta Boyce brings us way back with his new single ‘Place I’ve Made.’ With very apparent influences from Funkadelic, D’Angelo & Prince, this track has matches timelessly soulful vocals and funky instrumentation that really packs some nostalgia. If this track isn’t suited for summer, I don’t know what is. – malbin

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