Darnell Williams – Yung Spike Lee f. Casey Veggies (Music Video)

This song just came across me and i’m happy it did so let me do my part and spread the music of this man Darnell Williams. Believe it or not, he was one of the founders of illRoots, the fellow music blog/streetwear company although he’s no longer with them. Usually dudes come to the blog/writing scene because they figured out that the rapping thing probably isn’t for them but it’s been different for Darnell, this man’s got a sound. “Yung Spike Lee” sounds industrial and angry but at the same time it fits in pretty well with a lot of the sounds of today; it’s a record that I think a lot of people can really grasp onto once they hear it. Not to mention he’s joined by Casey Veggies on the song. So go ahead and watch the music video above.

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