Soundcloud Diggin Episode 67 (July 2, 2017)

Miami native Brika released her single ‘Don’t Want Your Love’ last month but I’m just getting hip to the single. The single has a hypnotic, late-night feeling to it and the track’s vocals are absolutely stunning. I have a hard time seeing somebody not really rocking with this cut. And for a bonus, watch the song’s music video as well. – malbin

Mellow production and imprinting vocals are what you are getting yourself into with Wake Child‘s single ‘Hangup Blues’. The track has a really organic sound that meshes blues, jazz, and some soft rock, which definitely is not usually my speed. There’s definitely a lot to appreciate here and I would 100% recommend keeping this group on your radar. – malbin

I always love discovering and supporting budding new Chicago artists. The latest artist on my radar is JusSol, who released a new single ‘cyClobenzaprine’ and it’s really a stunning effort. The emotion is just oozing out of each word on the track and the mesmerizing production really helps get the lyrics to hit you right in the soul. – malbin

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