Soundcloud Diggin Episode 68 (July 9, 2017)

Before you say it, yes it is. TQ, best known for his 1998 worldwide smash ‘Westside’, is still out here making music and he recently unleashed a booming new single ‘Freedom.’ Featuring triumphant production and a boastful vocal performance, this track may give you some interest to dig back in TQ‘s catalog and check out any releases you’ve missed over the years. Also, this song needs to get placed in some commercials ASAP. Get a sync team on that! – malbin

Mahalia is a 19 year old singer based out of England and she has a soulful new release on her hands with ‘Sober.’ The track has a heavy R&B undertone eerily similar to Erykah Badu. The selection of nostalgic production elements really are excellent but the one-of-a-kind songwriting voice is the real standout feature of the track. – malbin

London based producer Fabich grabs a distinct vocalist in Josh Barry for a breezy summer anthem ‘Hold On.’ Fabich has a past working with many American based soul artists and you can definitely hear that background on the track. It’s a mix of that classic commercial R&B sound with a mixture of the free-flowing playlist hits of today. We’re only a few weeks into summer officially, so add this onto a few of your playlists as we prepare for the dog days of the heat. – malbin

I’m not too fond on covering instrumentals often on Fashionably-Early but every few months, something slips into my rotation and I can’t get it out. Leifur James has a beautifully texturized track with ‘Red Sea’ that features some 10/10 instrumentation and the sounds of the sea in Essaouira, Morocco. That’s a boss move right there. – malbin

For this week’s final track, we have Billy Lemos‘ ’12:34 AM’ featuring Omar Apollo & Maxwell Young. The track has an overall gritty sound to it, although the track has a bit of a jazzy undertone. The vocals give off a vibe that is similar to Daniel Caesar at points but obviously in it’s own distinct way. I really don’t have much other information on this besides the fact that it’s dope. Smash play on this. – malbin