Soundcloud Diggin Episode 70 (July 23, 2017)

Man, I feel like I have been stumbling upon a ton of talent from Australia lately. This latest find is The Harpoons, a four piece set out of Melbourne that have a retro-sounding single on their hands with ‘Do You Want My Love’. This piece has an extreme disco feel to it with a show-stealing choir on the background vocals. Seriously, if somebody were to listen to this song and tell me they weren’t rocking with this, I’m walking away like this. – malbin

Upon catching wind of DVWEZ‘s new single ‘Giving Into Us’, I was reminded of her track ‘Haunted’ that I posted in 2016. This new track is an equally dark R&B effort that features some beautiful songwriting and wavy, synth heavy production. Stay on the lookout for DVWEZ‘s new EP Paradise. – malbin

DESIIRE‘s ‘Reckless’ is a track that keeps building and building in emotion until it reaches a masterful climax. The production builds throughout the track and the Toronto based singer pours out vocals about every day life and the struggles that come with it. While there are a quite a few tracks on DESIIRE‘s Soundcloud page, I believe ‘Reckless’ is the clear-cut #1. – malbin

The D’Angelo vibes on this record? RIDICULOUS! Columbus based artist Sarob‘s ‘White Moon’ reads like a letter to an ex-lover and the atmosphere provided by the track’s production is ridiculous. The half rap/half spoken word delivery conveys the emotion perfectly and the singing that sporadicly appears adds another layer to this fantastic relase. – malbin

Rozwell Fitzroy‘s ‘Block Game’ has a masterful mix job, which almost wins me over any time that is the case with a track. The spacey production is a necessary compentent for the track, as the content and hook are a bit tiresome despite the latter’s catchiness. There’s a lot of potential here and with some refining, Rozwell might be onto something. – malbin