Open Mike Eagle – 95 Radios f. Has-Lo (Music Video)

Open Mike Eagle is back with his brand new single and music video “95 Radios” as well as word of his new album Brick Body Kids Still Daydream.

Let’s start by talking about this new song, “95 Radios”, which when paired with the music video is truly brilliant. The premise begins with a scene where the Internet is out for everybody worldwide. Mike proceeds to interview an older fellow who doesn’t have to rely on the internet for his music. Even just that opens up eyes and points out that if the internet actually went down for all, everybody whose relying on streaming services would be defunct of music. This scene then cleverly transports back into the eyes of a young Open Mike Eagle, before the internet, when music was strictly physical. And he’s also joined by sparse seen underground emcee Has-Lo.

This is a definite must watch and must listen and the interesting, melodic song is sure to get you excited for this forthcoming album Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, which is due out September 15th. You can go ahead and pre-order that here.

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