Soundcloud Diggin Episode 71 (August 6, 2017)

There’s really not a lot of information out there on nite swim. The duo has one song on their Soundcloud with no bio. What we do know is that their single ‘Pool Party’ is ridiculously infectious and worth a spot on whatever is your go-to playlist these days. The vocals are light and texturized perfectly over bustling electronic production. It’s a perfect mesh of indie pop vocals with a fresh take on modern electronic production tailored for R&B artists. – malbin

UK singer Mullally describes his sound as “edgy zesty neo soul” in his Soundcloud bio and that’s a pretty accurate description. The 21 year vocalist’s new single ‘She Don’t Know Me’ definitely fits into the self-description. The up-tempo electronic production lays out the red carpet for Mullally‘s soulful vocals to sprawl out over. – malbin

Christopher Blake appears to be a Dallas native with a distinct voice and one hell of a track with ‘Thoughts’. The track has a late-night, jazzy feel to it thanks to the production. The vocal performance here feels mature and moody. Overall, you just have to appreciate a track like this one. All aspects of this were done very well. – malbin

Raveena is a New York based vocalist who has a supremely dope single on her hands with ‘Spell’. The single is a classic soul record led by just a guitar. As the track progresses, subtle additions of swooping electronic adds some much-needed texture to the track. It should go without saying that the songwriting & vocal performance is phenomenal. Without a great vocal performance, the production would have felt shallow. Raveena‘s vocals fill up every crevice of the track with an ample amount of soul on ‘Spell’. – malbin

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Tina Mathieu really captures a moment with her new single ‘Downward Spiral’. This track sounds like it could be straight out of a session from a classic 90s R&B album. The production is simple yet cinematic, while the songwriting and vocal performance becomes more vivid as the track progresses. A spoken word bridge adds some extra personality to the track. Overall, there’s a lot of potential sitting here within ‘Downward Spiral’. We’ll be tuned in to see where it progresses. – malbin

Look, the 19990s were a great time for music period. Personally, the New Jack Swing era was one of my favorites as an R&B enthusiast. Anytime an artist brings elements of New Jack Swing into a track, I’m all ears for it. Melbourne duo Au Dré is really killing this sound and their new single ‘Gravity’ is evidence. If you told me this masterpiece was from the 1990s, I would have believed you. And I mean that in the best way possible. This track is a straight up bop from all angles. – malbin

De’Wayne Jackson is a Houston native who is currently based out in LA. Earlier this year, he released a stellar new song ‘Truth Is’ and the release of the track’s music video brought me back to the track. The song has De’Wayne going back home to Houston and catching up with his first love. The song discusses the relationship, including the good, the bad, and the everlasting haunting feeling of it today. The smooth production, fantastic delivery, and overly relatable content makes this track an instant winner. – malbin