DOOM & Jay Electronica – True Lightyears

Here’s a weekly thank you to Adult Swim for helping bring DOOM back to life. They’re planning on releasing a new song from the masked rap villain each week until November 13th and this is week 2 of 15. Not only did we get new DOOM but this new track comes along with a verse from another recluse, Jay Electronica.

To throw a curveball your way, this is actually a KMD song, KMD being DOOM‘s first group, before he turned into an evil supervillain. KMD was composed of a than Zev Love X (he’s now DOOM), his brother Subroc and to a lesser extent Onyx The Birthstone Kid. There’s a lot of story to tell but to keep it brief, the group was DOOM’s first experience in the music industry and it ended harshly to say the least. His brother Subroc was actually killed crossing a street and unlike Wikipedia says, it wasn’t the Long Island Expressway. He was killed crossing 878, a road that’s literally right down the road from me. Their story is close to my heart because this all happened in my neighborhood, around where I grew up, even though their KMD beginnings all ended before I was even born. And on that same week that Subroc was killed mind you, KMD was dropped from Elektra records. That’s what sent DOOM into a dark place only to later emerge as MF DOOM.

“True Lightyears” doesn’t feature an unreleased Subroc verse or anything but it is being released as a KMD song. Why exactly I haven’t been able to pick apart yet. DOOM will be putting out a new KMD album Crack In Time in the future and I’m very interested to hear what’s in store there.


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