Lute – Juggin’ (Music Video)

I was listening to J.I.D on ItsTheReal’s podcast yesterday and it really got me excited about J. Cole‘s label Dreamville. There hasn’t been anyone to significantly pop big in the mainstream yet but it’s truly only a matter of time. Cole has such a talented roster and i’m especially excited for J.I.D as well as Lute. Looking at this new song and video to “Juggin'” especially, there’s such honestly and humbleness exuded. I need a break from the women and the jewelry sometimes to listen to some realistic rap music that I can really feel. The opening shot of this video captures it all; we’ve got a humble, rural North Carolina backdrop with a few modest homes in the shot, a vintage car with a Carolina Panthers plate in the front as well as Lute and his daughter. It’s that modest picture that makes all the words in the song more meaningful and real to me.