BUTO – Blessing (Music Video)

Finding a dope new artist will always brighten my day and this guy BUTO has done just that. I stumbled upon his song and music video for “Blessing” today and immediately I could recognize this kid’s talent. He has a great, vivacious voice and a good feel on this song. Essentially he sounds like a natural.

The beat also struck out to me, it’s very impressive but also very familiar. In fact a different version of this beat ended up on Future‘s latest album HNDRXX. Track #8 “Fresh Air” featured a different version of this beat but the meat and potatoes of the beat are the same. BUTO actually dropped this song back in January before Future. Not to mention there’s added elements on the beat of this song “Blessing”, especially the outro that are doper than anything on “Fresh Air”. Regardless, this song needs your attention and I’m really intrigued to hear more from the North Virginia native.

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