Jvck James – Easy (Ft. Jada Maria & Venna)

Jvck James is a supremely talented 18 year old singer out of London who released his debut solo single ‘Extroverted Lovers’ earlier this year. James had built up an online fanbase by doing covers of R&B songs which showcased a talented voice. Often times, that doesn’t necessarily translate to good music but that’s not the case here. ‘Extroverted Lovers’ has been on repeat on my end all year and I’m ecstatic about his new release ‘Easy’. The jazzy production features an excellent sax outro, beautiful vocals from Jvck & Jada, and relatable songwriting. ‘Easy’ “simply talks about outsmarting anyone or anything that threatens your values, morals or self-worth.”

Stream ‘Easy’ below. For easy watching, I’ve included his COLORS performance of ‘Extroverted Lovers’ as well.

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