Bryson Tiller – Run Me Dry (Music Video)

Bryson Tiller dropped his sophomore project True To Self earlier this year and it didn’t make quite the impact that Trapsoul made it. One reason for that was definitely because Bryson wasn’t doing much of anything different than he did on the first album but more importantly this new album was just too long. There’s only a few artists that can truly execute and keep listeners enthralled on a 19 track album and Bryson Tiller quite frankly isn’t one of them. Cut this thing down to its 12 best tracks and it’d be much more highly regarded and it would have better allowed for the impressive cuts like “Run Me Dry” to shine brighter.

Today Pen Griffey himself dropped off the new music video to “Run Me Dry” and it features Bryson without a dad hat! Bryson wouldn’t be in the same position today had he not rocked the dad hat so well but he’s got no hat on his head aside for a few shots in the new video. If you needed any reason to click play this has got to be it.

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