Marco McKinnis – How I Feel

There’s been a lot of talk of all the recent appalling major label signings but despite all that, there’s genuine musical talent being picked up every day. Singer Marco McKinnis is a recent addition to Republic Records team, a remarkable singing talent with a sky high ceiling. He’s been featured on songs from Chaz French, Skizzy Mars, Stro and more but he’s still got a sparse solo catalog. Surely that’s all changing as McKinnis is going to be a major focus as a solo artist over at Republic.

He just dropped his new single “How I Feel”, a song produced by Medasin but if you know Medasin‘s work, don’t come into this expecting to heat that sound. This song in minimal and simple and it allows us to really focus on McKinnis’s vocals. Definitely check this one out, his voice is very similar to that of Miguel and I’d truly bet on this guy becoming a big name in the future. Get hip now!

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