Brent Faiyaz – Sonder Son (Album Stream)

Brent Faiyaz‘s profile is raising by the day and it’s about to skyrocket now that his new album Sonder Son is available for download & streaming everywhere.

The talented vocalist is tearing up airwaves and streaming services with his infectious hook on Goldlink‘s hit ‘Crew’. He also has a solid catalog of solo material available as well as his material with Sonder. The 13 track album has no features, so you’re about to get a lot of Brent. There’s one thing that shouldn’t do and that is sleep on this album. This might go down as one of the best of 2017.

Download or stream Sonder Son below.

DOWNLOAD: Brent Faiyaz – Sonder Son (Album)

Brent Faiyaz – Sonder Son (Tracklist)

1. “Home”
2. “Gang Over Luv”
3. “Burn One (Interlude)”
4. “First World Problems / Nobody Carez”
5. “Missin Out”
6. “Stay Down”
7. “L.A.”
8. “Talk 2 U”
9. “Make Luv”
10. “Sonder Son (Interlude)”
11. “So Far Gone / Fast Life Bluez”
12. “Needed”
13. “All I Want”

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