Lute – Still Slummin’ (Music Video)

    Now I’m not a huge J. Cole fan. I like him and I like his music largely but he’s certainly overrated as a rapper in my opinion. Now I really do admire Cole for a lot of reasons and one of those being the incredible roster he’s quietly put together with Dreamville. It’s inspiring really to see him put great, talented rappers on a platform and give them an opportunity to really make it. Lute as an example, most likely wouldn’t be rapping still if it weren’t for J. Cole showing interest and getting behind his art. You get a peek of it in this video, Lute working his kitchen 9-5 while he’s “Still Slummin'” in North Carolina. Lute is certainly rapping for the modern man, for the guy that makes a living doing a job he may not like just to feed his family and provide. It’s a nice change of pace from the glitz and glamour of typical rap and it’s a balance that we certainly need.

    Lute‘s debut album West 1996 Pt.2 is out now and it of course includes this song. And not mention, this one’s produced by the late great J Dilla! That’s right, Lute was able to snag an unreleased beat from one of the best to ever do it. If that’s not enough to make you hit play then I really don’t know what is. Check the video out above, it even features a cameo from Little Brother‘s Rapper Big Pooh, who was also integral in Lute‘s rise.