Collard Performs “Ode” on A Colors Show

This man Collard‘s a remarkable talent that I’d like to spread to as many people as possible. I’ve only recently gotten truly hip with his lone official released song “Sofa” but I’ve unknowingly been a fan for longer. He was featured on Danny Seth‘s 2015 album Perception, adding vocals to one of the standout tracks “T.I.O.T.E.” That song (as well as a majority of tracks on that album) was produced by Zach Nahome, the multi-talented producer you can also see alongside Collard in this new performance video. I left out the biggest anecdote about that feature, those vocals were actually rap vocals. Collard was on there rapping and really following up Danny with equal conviction.

The Colors Show is remarkable, it’s one of my favorite channels on YouTube as they not only have great production value for these live artist performances but they do an incredible job of always finding insanely talented up and comer. This one’s no different as they brought Collard into their Berlin studio to perform this new tune “Ode”, a very minimal stripped down song that he dedicates to Prince. Here is where Collard demonstrates just how talented he is performing in a remarkable high tone that sounds a bit reminiscent to what Childish Gambino did on his last album “Awaken, My Love!”. This is a teaser taste of just what this guy can do with some more time and refinement. He’s a special talent for sure so make sure you check this out and check out “Sofa” as well as the few other songs on his Soundcloud.