Ámani – Selfless

Amani Selfless

Boston has a new artist to keep your eyes on. Ámani is a 22 year old vocalist originally from Alberta, Canada and her stunning debut single is a stunner. ‘Selfless’ has Ámani letting it be known that she needs to put effort into herself. The vocal performance is extremely unique and the looming production helps make this standout in the busy R&B genre today. It’s always great to hear an unique perspective from an artist and I’m really excited to see what this develops into.

Stream ‘Selfless’ below along with a quote about the song.

‘Throughout my life men, my so-called friends, and people I worked with always tried to project onto me their ideas of who I should be. I just got fed up with the bs as if I wasn’t enough and started this journey to remembering why I started and being unadulterated me. – Ámani’