Jazz Cartier – How Did I Get This Deep?

Jazz Cartier‘s on a major label now and it’s coming time for him to really book it and move to the next level. But the Canadian rapper’s been a little quiet this year, but he took to Twitter to address where he’s been mentally. “This whole year has been a roller coaster and I know I haven’t been the best with releasing but I just wanna know, for the real ones, are ya’ll still with me?” He continued, “I was on tour for a year and a half and that shit really messed with my head. I got to a point where my sanity was more important than making music. Being a better person was more important than poppin. A couple months ago I came back home and looked in the mirror and I wasn’t pleased with my reflection. I’m in a constant duel with duality and sometimes I really think I’m in over my head.”

Based off of how this song’s sounding though, I don’t think i’m too worried about Jazz. He seems to be finding his pocket again creatively and he’s just got to find the correct balance in this new rap life of his. Head below to stream the new single “How Did I Get This Deep?”.

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