Shoreline Mafia – Break A Bitch Bacc x Mobb Ties

Crews have always been a thing in hip hop but there’s a couple really unique new crews that are making noise and really focusing on the group as a whole. One is Creek Boyz from the east coast and the other are Shoreline Mafia repping the west coast. Their song and video “Bottle Service” has become a viral sensation, racking up over 650k views on Youtube in just a month. The buzz is certainly there for this California kids and it’s only up from here. They just dropped two more new tracks, “Break A Bitch Bacc” and “Mobb Ties”. The latter, “Mobb Ties” features Stinc Team, another California based clique of rappers and friends. “Break A Bitch Bacc” is my favorite of the two but both of these songs undoubtedly slap.