Kris Stith – Want 2 (Music Video)

Discovering new artists early on is extremely exciting. We’re happy to be on board with Kris Stith after catching wind of his track ‘Want 2’. This is a patented new-age alt-rap track that has a mesmerizing beat and a delivery unlike anything I’ve heard. The track has a very dark, somber vibe to it. This track really has all the components of a good rap song: The delivery is sharp and unique, the beat hits hard and isn’t generic, & lastly, there is some substance on this record. We’re definitely along for the ride with Kris after hearing ‘Want 2’.

Watch the music video for ‘Want 2′ above and peep Kris’ words on the track below.

“This song is the culmination of me becoming tired of my complacency in many areas. Work, home, relationships–so in a way it is a testament to my own inadequacy as an individual and an attempt for me confront myself before I end up embittered by my own chastity. In essence, I was, “Thinkin’ bout what i want to, and the things that I want too”.”