Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Cam O’bi – TenderHeaded f. Smino

Cam O’bi‘s got such an impressive track record but most of that comes on the production side. He’s lent his vocals a couple of times but we’ve never seen him really rapping. Well that’s all about to change. He’s stepping out behind the boards for an entire album of his own this year. The album’s called ‘Grown Ass Kid’, the same name of the song he did with Chance The Rapper that leaked around the time Coloring Book dropped.

Cam was actually on the KanyeToThe message boards last week and he posted the private link to this record as well as explaining what’s to come a bit.. “it’s [Grown Ass Kid] always been the title track from my album Grown Ass Kid which I’ve been working on for 5 years now since 2013. It’s an entirely self-produced solo album with guest features from artists that I know. It’s my stepping out from behind the boards and into the booth as a legitimate artist in my own right.”

He mentioned that the song would be dropping real soon and a few days later here we are with the official release. It features and opening verse from Cam as well as a following verse from Smino. Cam follows in Smino‘s footsteps a bit here, delivering a kind of off-kilter flow that fits into what Smino typically does. The biggest difference is that Cam comes off more plain sounding and more straightforward. He doesn’t have that signature Smino twang or anything close to it but these two truly compliment each other pretty well. Similarly to “Grown Ass Kid” the song, “TenderHeaded” features a similarly patterned beat as it features another original vocal sample that stemmed from him sampling his own voice and chopping it up for the prominent vocal sample in the beat. All in all this one’s smooth so definitely give it a listen or ten down below.


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