Murs – Powerful (Music Video)

Murs has an album coming, another album as a member of the Strange Music team. He’s literally the only rapper from that label that I listen to and that’s mostly because of his incredible track record. Now this forthcoming album might perhaps be a little extra special.

There’s one more person on the Strange Music team that I really do enjoy and that’s producer Michael “Seven” Summers. The Kansas native was once the go-to producer to XV. Before XV had even given up rap, he and Seven had a falling out and Seven moved onto being basically just an in-house producer for Strange Music. I still loved Seven’s music but there wasn’t an artist I could stand on the label at the time so it was quite the bittersweet moment for me as a fan. Since then, Murs joined the label after being an underground heavyweight for a longtime and he gave me a reasonable chance to hear a couple beats from Seven on his last couple of albums.

What that long-winded story was leading to is that Murs and Seven are putting out an album together. On March 16th, (3/16), they’ll be releasing A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable. You can pre-order that here and you can check out the lead single “Powerful” above.