Twelve’Len – Free The 4 (Music Video)

    Twelve’Len is a melting pot of different sounds in influences and those are always the best artists. The Miami natives melded that all into such a unique sound of his own. Here he’s revisiting his SWIM EP with the new music video for “Free The 4” which is probably my favorite song from him to date.

    “This record is personal to me,” says Twelve’Len. “From the lyrics to the visuals, I wanted FREE THE 4 to mirror what I’ve been experiencing. I want my fans to know I’ll never lie to them. As an artist, I feel you should always have a record about yourself and what you’ve got going on. I just want to make the best music I can and continue doing so beyond 2018 for the rest of my life.”

    Go ahead and take a look at the new video above.