Bishop Nehru – Rooftops (Music Video)

    I’m not the biggest Bishop Nehru fan but I admire the f*ck out of his musical taste and he always pulls together some incredible collabs that I never thought could be pulled off. He’s really taken the cake on that for his forthcoming album Elevators: Act I & II. This album’s produced by MF DOOM and Kaytranada and both of these guys are among my favorites yet their sound is vastly different. DOOM will be handling one part of the album and Kaytranada the other. It’s still amazing to me that he was album to get DOOM for his entire NehruvianDOOM album so i’m even more in awe that he got the sparsely seen legend to produce half of this new album as well.

    Bishop’s album is due out on March 16th and he just blessed us with the lead single “Rooftops”. This one’s produced by DOOM but really, I think ya’ll will be able to discern if DOOM or Kaytranada did the beat. Go ahead and peep the song along with the accompanying music video above.