PNTHN – Potluck (EP Stream)

Let us introduce you to PNTHN, an up and coming new crew hailing from Texas. Now I know what you’re thinking without even hearing the music, that these guys look like Brockhampton. And I completely agree. They’ve got a colorful group that I believe extends to 9 members and they’re even from San Marcos, Texas which is exactly where Kevin Abstract is from and many other Brockhampton members are also from Texas. Surely they’re going to get a ton of comparisons to the crew and the likeness is obvious so lets just leave it there and focus on the music.

PNTHN (pronounced pantheon) just released this new 6 song EP Potluck and like a potluck, all the members are bring their unique ideas and sound to the table. Go ahead and stream the full thing down below.

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