Clairo – Flaming Hot Cheetos (Music Video)

Clairo‘s a pretty unique soul, a young, shy girl with an atypical, nerdy appearance but somehow that’s helped her gravitate to a lot new fans. She’s got the same appeal as Lorde has essentially, which is defiance of the general popstar image with an average looking girl. And that’s all fine and dandy but it’s just bothersome how she’s been marketed. The term “industry plant” is thrown around rap circles and the internet specifically and it’s very often misused but Clairo‘s an actual industry plant. WHICH ISN’T A BAD THING, BUT her team is trying too hard to make her whole aesthetic look super organic. And when I see that, it makes me even question how genuine she is as an artist or did her music industry veteran father help find her a lane that works and have her attack that.

BUT I REALLY LIKE HER MUSIC. She has a lo-fi vibe that’s super pretty and clearly a lot of people love it. Despite the hate some people throw at “industry plants”, every single one of them is obviously talented. I guess feel like Clairo‘s being shoved down my throat in such an insincere way is the general conclusion.

Now that my rant’s over, check out the new music video to her song “Flaming Hot Cheetos” up above that too comes off a bit awkward at points, just like her whole aesthetic dictates. And shouts to Cousin Stizz making a pretty out of place cameo as he throws up a bottle of Hennessy in a cliche retro diner filled with artsy overly hipster kids.