Adanna Duru – Doll (Music Video)

Adanna Duru is an LA based singer, songwriter, and producer who has a handful of well-received records under her belt. To end 2017, she released her single ‘Doll’. To kick off this year, she shares the music video for the moody, atmospheric record. The music video really captures the feeling that the song provides perfectly. Adanna has a lot of words on the record, which you can read below as you watch the video above.

“This song describes how I’ve felt about my dating life. I’ve always felt like an object of desire, rather than a human being, with actual wants, needs, and dreams. It was always about the guys and what they wanted, and I was really just expected to be at their beck and call, whenever they decided they wanted me around. I was happy to be there. I love to give and I love to love. But, I have never experienced having that same effort reciprocated.

I know I’m not the only person that feels this way. I know plenty of men who have been treated this same way in their dating lives as well. This song is about demanding more & and expecting more. I am a woman who is beautiful and precious in any era, and I should be recognized as such. The song’s hook was originally going to be ‘I wanna be your doll’, but then I realized that I don’t. I’m tired of being seen as an idea. I want to be someone’s everything.”

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