Joni Payne – Come Home

There are few things better than hearing an artist pour out their emotions into a beautiful piece of music. That’s certainly the case with Joni Payne‘s new single ‘Come Home’. The Los Angeles based artist unleashed this single over the weekend and it’s really something that’s stuck with me since I first heard it. The vocals are drenched in autotune and the production is very sparse that allows the vocals to shine. Below is the message from Joni about the record and it should really hit home for a lot of people.

Stream ‘Come Home’ below.

“I wrote this song when I got back to L.A. after a few months abroad. It was late at night and I had just viewed some footage from the trip, getting lost in my memories. Then I started looking around and realized that with all that had passed, I was sitting in the exact same chair, in the same apartment, with the same view that had all been there before I left. The whole thing felt like a dream, and I was fighting to fit back into an old home without letting go of the many ways in which I had changed and grown. I’ve moved houses a lot throughout my life, so I’m used to my homes changing with me, but right then I felt so lost in a place that I had felt so comfortable in before. So I wrote the song to kind of ground me in the place of being lost between my past and my present… just to get through that moment.”

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