Shallou – Souls (EP Stream)

We recently shared Shallou‘s exceptional single ‘Vignette’, which has been on repeat on our end. This week, Shallou shared his EP Souls and he’s got another exceptional gem on his hands. The seven track set is filled with chilling, mellow electronic soundscapes. There are a few tracks with some drops but its really nothing over the top. This is the perfect type of music to have on as the day winds down.

Stream Souls and view a statement from Shallou below.

Souls is about the cycle of love, focusing on two people as they come together and break apart again, either with the old love or with someone new. Though every relationship might be doomed in the end, each cycle brings with it the joy as well as the pain, the highs as well as the lows. And always there’s a hope that things can be better, that with every love a new world is possible. Рshallou

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