marina – i’ll be your venus (in the backseat) x for my sanity

My week’s already off to a great start because I think I found my favorite song of the week. marina‘s an insanely talented singer from Florida and she just dropped this acoustic new song “i’ll be your venus (in the backseat)”. Firstly, this song is insanely relatable because I too make music and a large portion of my melody ideas were birthed in my car. I have masses of voice notes on my phone from me singing in the car. marina‘s super short new song was made in her car but the quality of the recording is a lot better than what I do. Not to mention how incredible of a singer she is and just how catchy this song is. I’ve played it at least 30 times already and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

And while I was writing this, I realized she just dropped another new tune within the hour. That one’s called “for my sanity”, another song that doesn’t eclipse the 2-minute mark but it too is pretty damn incredible.

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