XXXTENTACION‘s been gone from this world for 10 days now but his legacy continues to grow stronger. Before he passed, he shot a music video to his hit song “SAD!”, which has risen to #1 on the charts due to his passing. The video’s really eerie. It foreshadows his death with one of the opening scenes being X walking into his own funeral and up to his own casket. He does end up grabbing his body out of the casket and fighting it and this is all interweaved with a shot of X, with his head down in a very dark place talking to a tall, dark figure, who we can presume is some figure of darkness, perhaps the devil. But this figure is speaking of good to X, insisting that the world is in need of change and that you will spread love throughout the world. We only know what he’s saying because of the subtitles, what he’s saying is actually inaudible. So I do pose the question that maybe the production team behind this one changed the narrative of the video following his passing. It’s possible at least. Watch it for yourself up above and form your own opinions.