Sylvan LaCue – Florida Man (Music Video)

    Sylvan LaCue‘s had such a roller coaster rap journey and it’s been super inspiring to his his ride continue to reach new heights. At the top of the year he dropped his album Apologies In Advance and already he’s locked and loaded with some new content to flood the streets with. What he’s doing is dropping a visual mixtape, 10 songs and 10 videos. It’s an homage to not only his humble roots as a mixtape rapper that made his rounds on 2dopeboyz, Illroots and the likes but also it’s a mixtape for Florida and his grandmother Ruth Williams, who passed away in May.

    That full mixtape, also titled Florida Man drops in full this Friday, July 17th. In the meantime, he dropped the lead title track. As in tradition of the mixtape, he’s rocking over a lot of different popular beats on the project and “Florida Man” the song utilizes Trick Daddy‘s South Florida classic “Nann ****” Peep the song and video up above and read verbatim of what Sylvan had to say on this whole project that best. His words sum it all up best.

    ““I brought my business partner Jonathan Benavente out to South Florida & basically took him around to everywhere I grew up. Miramar, Hallandale, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami. I wanted to show a glimpse of the personal places in South Florida that meant the most to me. It’s like the kick off to the whole entire Florida Man visual experience. I wore an André Dawson Florida Marlins jersey for two reasons. 1.) My grandmother is from Dawson Georgia & this tape is dedicated to her. 2.) Andre Dawson wanted to finish his professional baseball career in Florida with the Marlins. It was like his final run before stepping away into a different realm. Later on, he worked for the Marlins front office & won his first World Series with the team. I’ve been an independent artist since I started my career 10 years ago in 2008. I’ve done a lot of things…. But I feel like this is my last run before the shift happens. And there’s no better way to finish, then finishing at home. The mixtape will be a visual mixtape, 10 videos, hosted by DJ Luna & DJ Bre on youtube & IG TV. You’ll be able to really experience & see South Florida for what it is. It’s also a non profit cause, so any proceeds that want to be directed to me, will be directed to South Florida charities. Between my grandmother passing, & recent events that have happened here in South Florida, I feel more that ever, that its time for my city to come together & heal. And I hope this can continue to add / push that agenda.”