Baka Not Nice – 4 Milli (EP Stream)

baka not nice 4 milli

Baka Not Nice is here with his debut project 4 Milli, now available for download & streaming across all platforms. The eight track project boosts his breakout single ‘Live Up To My Name’ plus other singles ‘Junior High’ and ‘Money In The Bank.’ Baka truly has an opportunity to become one of OVO‘s highlight artists and with his mixture of six talk and opulence spewing, he may really become a force to be reckon with.

Download or stream 4 Milli below.

DOWNLOAD: Baka Not Nice – 4 Milli

Baka Not Nice – 4 Milli (Tracklist)

1. I’m A Dog
2. Live Up To My Name
3. Cream of the Crop
4. Dope Game
5. Tings on Me
6. Junior High
7. Money in the Bank
8. Gimme That Work